Sunday, July 3, 2022

This 1970s-era Steiff Novelty Is One Merry Mashup!

Steiffgal is certain you'll have no trouble warming up to this week's blog special guest. Here we have a Steiff postwar egg cozy that could only be described as a merry mashup. Check out this happy hopper and her unusual design elements to see what makes her such a rare hare in so many ways.

It's easy to understand why this quirky novelty holds so much appeal. This rabbit egg cozy is 10 cm tall and head jointed. Bunny's head is a large pom-mom that has been airbrushed with tan and pink highlights. She comes to life with brown and black pupil eyes, clear monofilament whiskers, and a tiny pink painted mouth. Her ears are made from a piece of single thick white felt and a piece of single thick tan felt that have been sandwiched together. Her tail is a small white pom-pom, and her body/dress is made from a textured, linen-like material. This pattern was produced in blue, orange, red, or yellow in this size only from 1973-1974. According to Pfeiffer's Sortiment, these warmers were sold in pairs and packaged with a matching placemat.

This egg cozy novelty is interesting from three distinct collecting angles.

1.  Functionally, it is the first egg warmer to appear in the line post-war. Steiff's early egg warmers were primarily made from felt or velvet, with their heyday in the c. 1900-1925 timeframe. Many of the early 20th century egg warmers were also made as rabbits, so her form is entirely consistent with past production. 

2.  Her materials and construction are also unusual. Although pom-pom or woolen miniature animals have been used for pincushions, pen wipes, and displays over time, this is the only egg warmer Steiffgal knows of that incorporates woolen miniature elements. Her ear construction - that of two layers of felt glued together - is also noteworthy. Steiffgal also does not recall ever seeing another button-in-ear item featuring her body/dress fabric. 

3.  And her packaging is also curious. She appeared in pairs, and packaged with a placemat. Although Steiffgal does not have the original packaging, she found an image of it on eBay, and it appears here on the left for your study. The copy on the back reads, "Egg warmer with place mat. Place mat of laminated foam and synthetic material, therefore it doesn't slip and can be washed in lukewarm water." 

Steiffgal hopes this discussion on this 1970s-era egg cozy has added a little novelty to your day.

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