Consigning With Steiffgal

Consignment at Steiffgal's Vintage Museum Marketplace

UPDATED March, 2019

Thank you for your interest in consigning your vintage Steiff treasure(s) through Steiffgal's online Ruby Lane shop, Steiffgal's Vintage Museum Marketplace (VMM). Here is everything you need to know about the process and how it works.

Steiffgal's web shop for hard to find, vintage collectible Steiff can be found here:

The goal is to merchandise the store with items that would be interesting to the real Steiff collector, treasures they would not regularly find on eBay and other generic sites. The store's inventory is a mix of Steiffgal's own items plus consignment items; this is transparent to customers.

If you are interested in moving some of your things along, and want to reach a large but very targeted audience, Steiffgal may be able to help you out, depending on the quality and condition of your items
Here's how consignment works at the VMM:

1.  We have a phone or Skype conversation about what you have to sell and your expectations. 
2. Once we have agreed on what will be consigned, you send Steiffgal the item(s), which are cleaned and photographed.
3. Steiffgal researches them and writes them up for the VMM.
4. We would talk about a selling price;  Steiffgal would give recommendations based on what she has seen in the marketplace.
5. Steiffgal would post them to the store, and market them through blog posts, promotions, and direct selling.
6. When something sells, Steiffgal collects 25% of the selling price, send you 75% immediately, and handles all shipping logistics and buyer interactions.
7. If something does not sell in an agreed amount of time (6 months or so, your call) Steiffgal can take down the item and send you back the item.
8.  For certain items that have not sold in the agreed time frame, customers have the option of Steiffgal purchasing the item from you at 50% of the listed price.  This is handled on a case by case basis. 
9. Items of exceptional value ($2,500+) or size (over 60 cm, studio pieces) are handled on a case by case basis.
10.  If consignors send Steiffgal items, and they are not judged appropriate or of sufficient quality for the store upon arrival, the consignor agrees to accept full responsibility for the cost of return shipping and insurance to the value specified by the consignor.

Here are the non-negotiable requirements for each consignment item:
·     At least 30 years old
·     In very good or better condition and would sell for at least $350 
·      With at least two forms of Steiff ID
·      "Of interest" to collectors; i.e., harder to find, universal appeal, a 4 or higher in the GAF Sortiment series

Please email Steiffgal with any questions or to get started!
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