Professional Steiff Selling And Collection Management Services

How Can Steiffgal Help You?

  • Are you an auction house looking for professional Steiff identification, valuation, and cataloging assistance with a consignment opportunity?
  • Are you new to Steiff and have just inherited a collection of fine vintage Steiff items from a friend or family member? 
  • Do you have a large vintage Steiff collection that you would like documented, identified, and valued for insurance, historical, sales, or bequeathment purposes? 
  • Are you looking to sell some or all of your existing vintage Steiff collection and need recommendations and strategies on the best ways to do so?

Then it's time to connect with Steiffgal! Steiffgal has over a decade of hands on, practical experience in the collectors, auctions, and antiques worlds. She regularly handles important vintage Steiff collections that value from a few thousand to over a million dollars!

Steiffgal can provide the following services for collections of 10 to 1,000+ fine Steiff treasures:

Describe and detail each item, including age and/or time frame of manufacture, size, materials, condition, and other factors as appropriate.

Provide value estimate ranges based on current industry comparative items coupled with professional experience and firsthand knowledge of the variances in the international marketplace.

Generate copy and content suitable for auction and sale descriptions, with tone, length, and condition reporting customized to each customer's specifications. 

Collection management: 
Advise and execute strategies for upgrading, downsizing, or documenting and tracking larger collections.

Offer private shopping services to help collectors locate and purchase their aspirational Steiff treasures. 

Recommend the best means for monetizing and moving along one fine item or an entire collection; these options may include private collector transactions, online channels, consignment, and others as appropriate.  Steiffgal can manage the sales process from start to finish and has solid and long term relationships with many interested buyers, dealers, and auction houses all over the world.

Depending on the size, scale, needs, and nature of your project, Steiffgal can work remotely via photographs or on site, and is available for national and international assignments.  Compensation is per diem plus basic logistical expenses, with a half day minimum.

Please contact Steiffgal at to start your free, no obligation conversation.  She looks forward to learning more about your project!
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