Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Steiff Teddy Hugs and Aloha from Waikoloa, Hawaii!

Teddy hugs and aloha from The Big Island, Hawaii!  Steiffgal is having such a delightful time here that her traveling companions insisted on putting together a little diary so friends around the world could see how fantastic this vacation destination truly is!  Our tour guides today are Sunny, a mid-1950's era blond Teddy baby, and Pipsqueak, a late 1930's panda.  Readers may recognize Sunny as the host of another Steifflife travel diary from Hollywood, Florida.  This is Pipsqueak's blog host debut.  So, without further ado, let's get started!

Flowers are everywhere here, and this one particularly caught the team's eye given it's "Steiffy" colors of red and yellow.  Sunny and Pipsqueak pose with a large and lovely native hibiscus.  

It's beginning to look alot like Christmas, even around these tropical parts.  Here Sunny and Pipsqueak pretend to drive the Christmas Express train featured at the Queen's Shops at the Waikoloa Beach Resort.

It's no fish tale that koi ponds are very big on the Big Island.  If you look closely you can see some very large - some as big as 18 inches! - orange fish in the water behind our wonder cubs.   

It's easy to fit in while you're on holiday!  Here Sunny and Pipsqueak welcome visitors to the Hilton Waikoloa Village, a wonderful resort with so much to see and do!

Two Shirley Temples, please!  Sunny and Pipsqueak really enjoy hanging out by the poolside bar and chatting with the other vacationers.  Needless to say, they made alot of friends very quickly.  

Just along for the ride... Sunny and Pipsqueak and a little boy friend enjoy a pretend adventure on the back of a supremely large fish.  The hotel featured delightful and playful sculptures like these all over its very large campus. 

A little to the left, please... the Hilton Waikoloa Village also features many spa services, including specialty massages.  Here Sunny and Pipsqueak get ready for their very own "cub-rub."

Water, water everywhere.  Sunny and Pipsqueak check out the pool rules.  So far, so good...

Hum.  Well, maybe not.  This depth definitely presents a challenge to our little friends!

Every vacation photo seems as perfect as a postcard, especially those that feature Sunny and Pipsqueak.  Here our sweet friends pose on a little bridge that connects the hotel's lagoon and pools to the main hotel building area.

Larger than life!  Here Sunny and Pipsqueak mouse around with a huge statue of a dressed rodent.   One of the pool areas featured all the characters of the Chinese Zodiac, but our cubs felt this particular one stood out head and shoulders above the rest.

It's easy to feel playful on vacation, especially when it's 80 degrees with gentle winds and no humidity!  Sunny and Pipsqueak discover an outdoor version of Konane, a traditional Hawaiian form of checkers that uses lava and coral as game pieces.  

So we've come to the peaceful end of our tour - the same place where many Hawaiians say "goodbye" to the sun each day.  Sunny and Pipsqueak get cozy with a giant Buddha who is located at "Buddha Point." Visitors gather at this location each night with snacks and cocktails to watch the island's magnificent sunsets.  

Steiffgal, Sunny, and Pipsqueak hope you enjoyed this little travelogue from the Big Island.   Mahalo!

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  1. A Steiff Life to live by vicariously....thank you so much for sharing...you deserve all the kudos you are receiving...

  2. wonderful to see pipsqueak and sunny having so much fun!


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