Saturday, June 18, 2011

Baby, You Don't Want To Miss This Steiff Bear's Vacation Adventures!

Steiffgal always brings along a Steiff friend when she travels.  Lately, it has been a 1930's era 15 cm panda, as his delightful smile and personality are a welcome addition away from home.   This week, Steiffgal and Steiffguy are in Hollywood, Florida, for a little work, fun, and sun.  To mix things up a bit on this trip, Steiffgal brought a new old Steiff friend along for the ride - a charming 22 cm blond Teddy baby from the mid-1950's.  One of the reasons it is easy to date him is his faux leather paw pads; Steiff used these from the mid-1950's onward on both their Teddy babies and precious pandas. Steiffgal adopted this cheerful cub, whose name rather appropriately is Sonny -  from a Vectis auction a few years ago.   Since then, he has been a favorite - but never a road buddy... until now!
Sonny seems to have taken to the fun and sun of his new latitude as easily as, well, fish to the ocean!  He insisted on sharing his adventures on the Hollywood boardwalk and beach with the Steifflife readers, and who is to argue with that?  As a result, this week's blog is more of a photo tour than a detailed Steiff discussion.  So grab a beach chair, put on your sunglasses, and come on a virtual visit to one sunny place!

Just my size.  Sonny is delighted to find a pint-sized palm tree in just the right petite proportions.  Gives new meaning to the phrase, "Made in the shade" for sure!

By nature, Steiff Teds and collectors seem to make friends where ever they go.  Here Sonny is tickled pink to hang out with an "almost native" Florida flamingo. 


It's easy to be a real mover and shaker in this town!  Here Sonny demonstrates the preferred method of getting from one end of the boardwalk to the other - on a bicycle built for two, with a sunroof!!

What bear - or vacationer - doesn't think about a little snack every now and then?  Decisions, Sonny contemplates a few of his very favorite summertime beach appropriate nibbles.  

Can we have dessert first?  Sonny demonstrates that size does matter, especially when it comes to ice cream treats!

Sea-sonings of the seaside.  Here at this boardwalk bar, Sonny tries to order a beer, but the waiter does not believe he is 60 years old, and our dear friend cannot produce any ID to prove it. 

Hollywood is a real outdoor town... there are playgrounds, outdoor handball courts, an open air amphitheatre, covered picnic tables, and even ping pong tables up and down the boardwalk for everyone to enjoy in the fresh air and sunshine.  Here Sonny has a play date with a climbing set designed for kids.  

Finally, Steiff bears often do come to the rescue, especially when it comes to lifelong love and friendship.  Here Sonny does his best lifeguard imitation with all the appropriate tools, including a floatation device and a surf board.  When Steiffgal asked the lovely lifeguard if it were OK for Sonny to model on her station, she took Sonny in her hands, examined him closely, and announced, "This must be a Steiff!  I recognize his materials and he feels so sturdy!"  Can you bear it?

Steiffgal hopes this virtual vacation with Sonny has added a little sunshine to your day, where ever you are.

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