All About Steiffgal

Steiffgal is a third generation lifelong Steiff enthusiast. Her collection of Steiff collectibles numbers north of 1,600 and focuses on examples from 1905 onward, uncataloged rarities, first quarter of the 20th century felt dolls, and Studio (life-sized) items. Steiffgal’s German grandmother kindled her love for the brand over four decades ago, and today Steiffgal is the proud steward of many of her Oma’s Steiff treasures.

Steiffgal's passion became her vocation when she had the pleasure of working for Margarete Steiff GmbH as the North American Steiff Club Manager. Today, she is the company's official North American archivist.  In this role, she leads collector's events, assists with product development initiatives, participates in special projects, and identifies and values vintage Steiff treasures on behalf of the company.

Steiffgal is a regular contributor to many industry and collector's publications, including Doll News, Dolls, Antique Doll Collector, Teddy Bear and Friends, TEDDYS kreativ, and the Steiff Club Magazine, which has a circulation of over 30,000 and is translated into five languages. Her blog, My SteiffLife, ( receives thousands of visits per month and focuses on interesting vintage Steiff items, Steiff antiquing adventures, and the history behind older Steiff treasures. It has won several unsolicited awards for content, including an ALLTOP citation for a best blog in the toy category.  Her Steiff book for children, Sassafrass Jones and Her Forever Friends ABCs is available on and has been reviewed by Publisher's Weekly.

Steiffgal is the admin on the vintage Steiff Facebook fan page, where she has grown the fan base from 400 to over 10,000. She was the former National Steiff Examiner at; the US and European Steiff Worthologist on; and the global Steiff authority on and Today, she is frequently tapped by auction houses and the media for Steiff expertise; recent speaking and consulting engagements include Christie's of London, Teddy Dorado, Theriault's, James D. Julia, Morphy Auctions, FAO Schwarz, R. John Wright, The Marin Country Mart, The Boston Center for Adult Education, The Metropolitan Waterworks Museum, The Boston Globe, Bloomberg, The Huffington Post, Town and Country, Harry Rinker’s Whatcha Got, Antique Auction Forum, Gemr, The Collectors Show, MfG-Film (Germany) and the television programs Inside Edition, Pawn Stars, and Clean House here in the USA, and The Repair Shop in the UK. Steiffgal is a member of the board at both Doll Collectors of America and United Federation of Doll Club's New England area Doll Study Club of Boston.

She and her collection are featured in a life-sized portrait by artist Michael Oatman which is part of a permanent installation at the West Cambridge Youth and Community Center in Cambridge, MA. Steiffgal truly leads "The Steiff Life."

Please click here for an in-depth interview with Steiffgal, published by Worthpoint in May, 2019. 


  1. I am interested to find out if a recently acquired sitting Siamese cat is Steiff.It is mohair with blue glass eyes and stuffed with wood shavings. She wears a blue velvet ribbons wit rhinestones, The nose is stitched pinkish-brown thread nose and black thread mouth and plastic whiskers look like my steiff animals.

  2. Hi, I can but would need to see photos. Please send them to me here at

  3. Hi I have a bear and has green velvet dress type clothing .daughters had it 16 years do u have pic and confirm it's steiff bear

    1. Hi, I can but would need to see photos. Please send them to me here at


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