Sunday, May 10, 2009

Announcing "What Do You Know", A New My Steiff Life Feature

What do you know... about Steiff? And what would you like to know about a special piece in your collection?

Announcing So What Do You Know, a new My Steiff Life blog feature. Steiffgal has lots of fun talking with you about interesting pieces in her collection and others that she encounters. How about talking about your pieces, too?

If you have a Steiff item and have questions like...
  • How old is my piece?
  • What is some of the history around my piece?
  • Is my piece really a Steiff?

Email Steiffgal at with a picture or two of the item, and the following information:

  • Your name and where you are emailing from.
  • If the item has a Steiff chest tag, button, and/or eartag? Please describe.
  • The size of the item, either standing or sitting - please specify.
  • Details about the appearance of the item, including materials (mohair, plush, velvet, felt, etc.), colors, eyes, nose/claw stitching, airbrushing, etc.
  • Details about the construction of the item, including jointing, stuffing (soft stuffed or excelsior filled), and anything that is unique (is musical, is a purse, is a pincushion, etc.)

Steiffgal will do her best to tell you what she can about your piece from the collector's perspective; however, she cannot tell you what an item is "worth"; that's up to the current marketplace. Responses will be posted monthly in a special What Do You Know My Steiff Life blog column.

Steiffgal is not an official appraiser, just a Steiff fan interested in using the internet to share information about the interesting stories behind vintage Steiff collectibles.

Again, email Steiffgal at with your question, do not post it in the comments section at the end of this post or Steiffgal will have no way to get back to you!!!

So, What Do You Know?
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