Friday, March 15, 2013

No Lying, Here Are Some Perfect Steiff Pint-Sized Easter Treats

What's the most important treat the Easter bunny can deliver... candy or a Steiff treasure?  Well, Steiffgal would be fibbing if she said she didn't really love sweets, almost as much as Steiff!  And both are essential in the perfect Easter basket.  Here are three tiny vintage "lying style" treats that are perfect for a Steiff lover's Easter basket... that also leave plenty of space for chocolate bunnies, jelly beans, and other seasonal goodies. 

Wouldn't ewe just love to curl up with this first featured friend?  Here we have a very sweet example of Steiff's relatively hard to find lying Lamm or lamb. This little handful is all of 10 cm, curled up, unjointed, and made from white wool plush. She has green and black glass slit pupil eyes and a simple hand embroidered nose and mouth. When she left the factory in Germany, she was detailed with a baby blue silk ribbon and a brass bell.  This pattern was made in 10 and 14 cm from 1954 through 1955 and then again in 1966 through 1972 in 25 cm.  It is interesting to note that on this particular example, her chest tag has the name "Lamby" on it, although she appears in the reference books simply as Lamb.

Our next barnyard basket buddy just may get your goat - with his cuteness, that is!  Here we have Steiff's Ziege or goat.  He is 10 cm, lying, and made from tan mohair that has been nicely highlighted with darker tan airbrushing on his body, legs, and face.  Goat's ears and the underside of his tail are made from peach colored felt.  His face is detailed with green and black slit pupil eyes, a black hand embroidered nose and mouth, and just a touch of red around his lips.  Goat retains his original colorful bear faced chest tag, salmon colored silk ribbon, and bitty brass bell.  This design was made in 10 and 14 cm from 1954 through 1956 only, and is considered relatively rare.  Like his sister Lamb discussed above, it is interesting to note that on this particular example, goat's chest tag has the name "Zicky" on it, although he appears in the reference books simply as Ziege.

Of course, rabbits are the perfect Easter accessory, so this last selection should put everyone "at ease."  Here we have Steiff’s 6 cm Lieg Hase, or Lying Rabbit. And by “lying,” Steiffgal means “outstretched,” not “dishonest.” This rabbit is reclining and made from mohair. She is head jointed and has quite a prominent “tail end.” Her ears are lined in pink velvet and she has a pink, hand-embroidered nose; black lips, and clear monofilament whiskers. Probably her most eye-catching feature is her outstanding black and white google-style peepers! This basking bunny was made in 6, 9, and 12 cm from 1953 through 1970.

Steiffgal hopes this discussion on little lying Steiff Easter-themed treasures has been a breath of spring air for you.

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  1. Oh what sweet Easter friends!! Thanks for sharing so much good info and pix of wonderful Steiff creations!! I'm a fairly new follower (here and on FB) and I really enjoy your posts!

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words, they are most appreciated. I hope the Easter bunny fills your basket this year with all sorts of Steiff treats! <3


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