Tuesday, May 26, 2009

What Do You Know About My...

Hello and welcome to the first issue of "What Do You Know", where Steiffgal answers questions emailed in from Steiff collectors around the globe.

So without further ado, let's take a look at this note from Shirley, who writes from France.

"Hello Steiffgal,

Firstly, I'd like to say how much I enjoyed your website!

I wonder if you could possibly help me to find further information on a Steiff Buttoned Loch Ness Monster Toy? I have been into a couple of websites which mention the above, including your own one, but when I enter the website there is no further info shown? I have attached 3 photos to help identify Nessie as I call her! You asked for more details........

  • Size is approx 20 cm long and 13 cm high to top of head
  • She is made from a sort of soft, plush dralon material
  • Her eyes are blue
  • he has a white soft stuffing and originally had a squeaker inside too.
  • On her back she has a small, brass button with the name Steiff on it attached to a gold coloured ribbon.
I would appreciate any info/help you can give me........"

Hi Shirley! What you have here is not a Loch Ness Monster but what Steiff calls their "Cosy Baby Dino." As you mentioned above, this darling dinosaur is made from green patterned woven fur, comes with a squeaker in his belly, has blue pupil eyes, and is 15 cm tall when new (he might have compressed from a few years of hugs). He was made from 1993 through 1995 only, and came in red, yellow, blue, and green.

Steiff created a plenitude of prehistoric pets in the early 1990's. Along with your tiny treasure, Steiff also created a Cosy Bronto (Brontosaurus); Cosy Tyro (Tyrannosaurus Rex); Cosy Stego (Stegosaurus); and Cosy Rato (Triceratops); each was 50 cm and made from plush with similar "scaly" pattern to that of your Cosy Baby Dino. So your little one is in very good company.

The first dinosaurs appeared in the Steiff catalog in 1958 and only stuck around through 1959. Made as mother - baby pairs, these rare mohair relics included Tysus, the T-Rex (mother is 45 cm, baby is 17 cm); Brosus, the Brontosaurus (mother is 60 cm, baby is 15 cm); and Dinos, the Stegosaurus (mother is 42 cm, baby is 12 cm). Steiff even produced a 4 meter long "Studio Dinosaur" from 1958 though 1960.

Shirley, I hope that I have answered your question and put some context around your item's production, history, and origins. Thanks for writing!

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