Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Stop The (Peter) Presses!

Wow! Take a look at this fantastic followup to Steiffgal's recent column about Struwwelpeter (Shockheaded Peter)!

Why yes, it's an ORIGINAL vintage Steiff Shockheaded Peter! If you are unfamiliar with the story behind this classic German fairy tale by Heinrich Hoffmann, no worries, you can change that. Click here to learn more!

Steiffgal couldn't wait to show you this remarkable 90+ year old collectible which she came across during her daily review of Steiff auctions. Peter stands 38 cm tall and is in very good condition for his age. Primarily constructed of felt, with the traditional Steiff center seam face, Peter has a fabulous shock of crazy long blond mohair hair and sports his classic "uniform" -- a reddish felt topcoat, green felt trousers, black leather shoes, and a white collar tied with a silk ribbon. He has his Steiff "ff" button; the only thing that seems to be missing on him is his black coat belt.

Please note Peter's outrageously long fingernails which are made from leather. Oh the glory - and the gory!

Steiff produced Shockheaded Peter in the 1909 through 1927 time frame in 3 sizes - 30, 35, and 43 cm. He was also available in 20 cm as a ride-on pull toy from 1916-1927. (Today's featured Peter at 38 cm probably was originally 43 cm, but his excelsior stuffing and felt construction tends to compress over time.) Peter received 4 bids and sold for $1,625.00.

Steiffgal is certain this recent Struwwelpeter
auction was quite the nailbiter!

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