Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A Tiny Post For A Tiny Teddy

Arr! Welcome Steiff maties!

I had no waggoner to guide me to her, but check out this little Teddy-gal I found perched like a parrot on a bookshelf in my colleague's office today!

Teddy is 10 cm, five ways jointed, and retains almost all of her dark golden mohair. Although her IDs have been loved away over time, she is clearly a Steiff, with her big "toddler" feet, disk jointing, and distinctive Steiff nose and mouth stitching. (Traditionally, Steiff put horizontally stitched noses on feminine items, and vertical stitched ones on masculine ones.) Unfortunately, she lost an eye over time; I made her a Pirate's eye patch to give her "a new look on life."

According to my colleague, who we'll call "SueBear", this Teddy was given to her aunt and mother when they were little girls in the early 1950's. Steiff started making really tiny jointed mohair Teddies in 1909, and these popular and beloved "pocket treasures" have remained in the catalog in one form or another to this day.

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