Friday, April 24, 2009

Special Edition... Stump The (Steiff) Chump!

Everyone loves a good challenge and boy did I meet my match with this Steiff surprise. A friend sent along a gift with the sole intention of presenting me with a Steiff item I'd never seen before. Did they succeed and "stump the chump?" Take a look here to find out...

The airline Lufthansa supports many environmental causes. This project with Steiff is designed to draw attention to the dangers of rain forest deforestation by highlighting an animal directly affected by this situation – the tarsier. This delightful soft plush Steiff tarsier is 16 cm , has suede-like ears, detailed hands and feet, jumbo pupil eyes, and holds a green felt bamboo shoot. About 15% of the purchase price of the Steiff tarsier is donated by Lufthansa to the “Rainforestation Farming” project run by the German not for profit NatureLife-International.

So just what is this most adorable and endangered primate? The tarsier is a small (15-20 cm) mammal with an impressive tail (an additional 20-25 cm), and a face only a mother could love. This little buddy has many unusual features. Check out those peepers…his eyeballs are 16 mm in diameter and each one is as large as his entire brain! In addition, he can rotate his heads 180 degrees in each direction…so just about everything is in his sight line! Most of his fingers and toes have nails for climbing, but the second and third digits of his hind feet are clawed; these are used for grooming.

Tarsiers primarily live in the rain forests of Indonesia and in the Philippines. They are nocturnal and live on a diet of insects, which they catch by jumping at them. They are also known to prey on small birds, snakes, lizards, and bats. Tarsiers give birth to one offspring at a time. Babies are born furred, and with open eyes, and are able to climb within a day of birth.

Betcha I wasn't the only one stumped... and charmed... were you?

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  1. Well done Lufthansa! Isn't he gorgeous! Thanks for sharing your present with us!


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