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Interested in starting a Steiff collection? Or adding a special treasure or two to your existing collection? Or perhaps a Steiff enthusiast in your life is about to celebrate a special birthday, anniversary, or other milestone event?

Then its DEFINITELY time for you to visit My SteiffLife. This webstore is dedicated to bringing you only the finest rare and collectible Steiff treasures. Steiffgal wouldn't sell anything that she wouldn't welcome in her own Steiff collection, which numbers north of 2,000 vintage items! Click here to do a little window shopping today!

VMM recent sales highlights...

Here we have a uncatalogued Steiff Skunk. He is 10 cm tall, standing in what Steiff refers to as the "begging position", and unjointed. His hands and feet are made from double thick felt. His body is made from short black and white mohair, while his bushy tail, which is positioned at a 90 degree angle to his body, is made from very long black and white mohair. He has a pink hand embroidered nose and mouth, and brown and black pupil eyes. His tiny ears are rounded and made from a single layer of white mohair.

It is unclear when this skunk was produced. However, he retains his raised script button and very much resembles Steiff's begging Diggy Badger from 1959 through 1966. 


Here we have a threesome of the very earliest Steiff woolie rabbits from the very early 1930's. Each is in like new condition and has a trailing "f" Steiff button and a crisp, handwritten red ear tag. 

What we have here is called a Steiff Trophy. This is the leopard version. It was made in 1958 only, and came in two sizes, 28 and 60 cm; this is the larger version. The trophy consists of a Steiff lifesized leopard head mounted to a flat wooden surface designed for hanging. The head itself is made from mohair and stuffed with excelsior. Leopard has his long mohair sideburns, shorter mohair face, green and black pupil eyes, and a large, pink hand embroidered nose. But perhaps his most pointed feature is his large open felt lined mouth - complete with four large white wooden teeth. 

Here we have Steiff's Original Teddy Bear. He is also known as a "mask Teddy," named so for his well defined, masked shaped facial area. This bear is made from caramel mohair, and is five ways jointed. His paw pads are made from a tan velvet like material. His face is detailed with pert black and brown pupil eyes and a hand embroidered nose and mouth. This design was made from 1968-1990 and came in white, tan, caramel, and brown in sizes ranging from 11-100 cm.

This particular Ted is exceptional from the collector's perspective due to his like new condition and complete identification, including his button; crisp and fully legible ear tag; chest tag signed by Hans Otto Steiff; washing instruction tag; and red wooden FAO Schwarz tag.

What we have here is an ORIGINAL 17 cm Steiff "Jackie" bear. She is five ways jointed and made from blonde mohair. Her face is detailed with brown and black pupil eyes and a brown hand embroidered nose and mouth. She has peach colored felt paw and foot pads, and a distinctly "portly" appearance. Like all Steiff Jackie Teddy bears, this one has a pink stitch across her nose and a distinctive belly button. Jackie bears are exceptionally rare on the secondary market given their appeal, limited production, and their brief time in the line. 

Blank buttoned 15 cm "Baby Ruth" Steiff bear in exceptional condition. From original owner!

Late 1930's mohair and velvet Steiff fawn in wonderful condition with trailing "f" Steiff button and crisp, fully legible yellow ear tag.

Early pre-war mohair Steiff Waldi dog in like new condition with all identification.

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