Sunday, April 3, 2016

Paws And Take A Look At These Unusual Black And White Steiff Cocker Spaniels

Sometimes things are just easier in black and white. For example, the calendar says its April, but it's snowing outside here today around these parts. So is it winter or spring? There is no ambivalence, however, when it comes to Steiff's beloved black and white Cocker Spaniels. These eye-catching dogs are always pretty as a picture! Unlike their brown and white, and all brown cousins, these black and white beauties have been produced in a number of really unusual novelties and exclusives over time. Let's focus on a few of the most interesting examples today!

This first black and white Cockie rarity should be music to your ears. Here we have Steiff's Musik Cockie or Music Cockie. She is 17 cm and sitting. She is made from black and white mohair and is head jointed. She has a large, open, smiling mouth. Her face is detailed with large, friendly brown and black pupil eyes and a black hand embroidered nose. Her music box is activated by turning her black mohair tail. This singing sweetie was produced from 1955 through 1957 only.

Let's raise a toast to our second black and white Cockie novelty. Here we have Steiff's fantastically adorable and unusual Cockie the Cocker Spaniel nightcap animal. She is 15 cm and head jointed. Her arms and face are made from white mohair, while her ears are made from black mohair. Her body, which is designed to be like a hollow tent, is made from orange felt which is decorated with a sweet oversized red, orange, and green tulip. Her face is detailed with very large black and white google eyes, a black hand embroidered nose and mouth, and a touch of airbrushing. Steiff designed a number of "nightcap" animals; Others in this series included cats, bears, foxes, and well attired rabbits. These items were designed to hide a sweet, prize, or coin on the pillow of a child. Nightcap Cockie was produced in 15 cm between 1969 and 1974. 

This third black and white Cocker spaniel pup makes news everywhere he goes. Here we have Steiff's version of The Saturday Evening Post's "Butch the Cover Dog" mascot. Butch is standing, 17 cm, and head jointed. He is hard-stuffed with excelsior. His body and face are made from short white mohair, which has been carefully airbrushed with black highlights on his back and head. His ears, tail, and feet are made from very long black shaggy mohair. It almost appears that Butch is wearing fuzzy slippers, based on his foot construction, and has long white mohair "feathers" on the back seams of each of his front and back legs. His face is detailed with very large round black, brown, and white spherical eyes, a black hand embroidered nose, and a touch of pink highlighting around his lips. He has a special chest tag that has his creator's name, Albert Staehle, featured prominently on it. Technically, Butch was made in this size only in 1958, although Steiffgal knows of several examples that measure about 23 cm tall.

Are you in the doghouse? Well, in the case of our last rare black and white Cocker spaniel, that's not necessarily a bad thing. Here we have a sitting, 12 cm black and white version of Cockie. He is head jointed and has a particularly pouty look to him. Perhaps that is because he is attached to a metal chain, which is original to him. His eartag number is 3312,96, which corresponds to 3=sitting; 3=mohair; 12=12 cm; 9=special edition; and 6=black. This Cockie was part of a special edition made exclusively for FAO Schwarz. The overall playset came with this Cockie, wooden kennel, red bowl, and toy bone. 

Steiffgal hopes this discussion on Steiff's rarer black and white Cocker Spaniels has been a pleasant paws in your day.

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