Monday, February 22, 2016

Fun Finds And Unusual Rarities At The Upcoming March 2016 Teddy Dorado Auction!

Continuing on with our focus on upcoming Steiff sales events, Steiffgal is thrilled to present the Steiff community with highlights from the upcoming Teddy Dorado auction.  This can't miss event will be held on March 5th, 2016 in Germany.  One thing Steiffgal particularly loves about Teddy Dorado is the company's ability to find and sell the most interesting rarities and one of a kind Steiff finds.  Here are three great highlight items from this sale that really caught her eye.  

Please take a leap of faith with Steiffgal on this first Teddy Dorado auction highlight. Here we have lot 17-1705, a 60 cm "Schlenker frog" or dangling frog. He is cataloged as...

"From about 1981, with all IDs and article number 2380/60. Made from green and orange trevira velvet. Large, yellow and black eyes, open mouth. Posable with wire reinforced limbs. Firmly stuffed with poly fiberfill, no voice. With yellow Steiff flag in the left foot and chest tag. Not seen in any catalog or publication. Clean, non-faded, no odors, top condition. Standing about 83 cm tall and sitting about 42 cm tall."

It's easy being green when it comes to this giant uncataloged frog! His size and presentation are truly impressive. His wonderful long arms and legs are perfect proportions for a "lulac" style animal. And who wouldn't want a "one of a kind" Steiff treasure such as this one? It is Steiffgal's best guess that this happy hopper may have been made as a special feature for a customized window display, or that he was a sample of an idea that never made it into full production. It is also possible that his design was based on an "uber" vision of the company's 32 cm standard line Cappy Dangling Frog. Cappy is also lulac styled with long arms and legs which are lined in wire so he can be posed. Cappy was in the Steiff line from 1979 through 1984. He is pictured here on the left for comparison. 

This second auction highlight will bug some readers, but there is a good reason for his selection.  Please check out lot 17-1608,  a cosy fly.  Yes, a fly.  He is cataloged as...

"A 20 cm Cosy Flappy fly made in 1994 with all IDs and additional hang tags.  The article number is 099588. He is unjointed and in top condition.  He is made from russet fleece, black woven fur, white fur, and blue trevira velvet that has a honeycomb print on it.  Detailed with black cord on the face.  Softly stuffed with poly fiberfill.  About 10 cm tall and 20 cm long."

No need to wing it here... this little guy is one big Steiff deal!  Believe it or not, this funky fly, despite his relative newness, is on the wish list of many collectors due to his rarity and strangeness.  Back in 2009, Steiffgal awarded this pattern the grand prize winner of a Steiff "What Were They Thinking" contest - a countdown of Steiffgal's top choices for the oddest Steiff designs.  Flappy was only produced in 1994 and came in five colors: red, yellow, green, blue, and brown. This model is the brown model. Steiffgal has the green version, he is pictured here on the left.  Steiffgal once gave a red Flappy to a friend as a birthday gift; in disbelief he exclaimed that the fly would forever be his favorite Steiff collectible of all time.

Size defies with today's third auction highlight.  Here we have lot 17-5003, a little hedgehog clip.  He is cataloged as...

"A 6 cm tip clip premium hedgehog made in 1979-1985.  The article number is 1671/06. Made as a brooch or decoration.  The face, ears, ears, and underside are made of brown trevira velvet.  He has black plastic eyes and a black glass bead nose.  The clip is on his back. He has a special yellow and green Steiff linen tag imprinted with his article number and "FFSPN - Fédération Française of the Societes de protection de la nature."  It is very clean and in top condition.  He measures approximately 6 cm long and 4.5 cm wide."

There's no need to hedge any bets here that this baby hedgehog is a "customer special" for The National Society of Nature Protection, a French nonprofit which "aims to implement educational activities and nature protection in France but also in the world." This sweet treat is based on Steiff's standard line 6 cm Joggi Igel or Joggi Hedgehog. Joggi was manufactured in 6, 10, and 17 cm from 1966 through 2002. The original 6 cm Joggi is pictured here on the left. 

A customer special is an item that is embellished with an unusual custom ribbon, a felt accessory, a unique tag, or other small differentiators. In the case of this hedgehog, the standard yellow and black tag was replaced with a green and white tag, and a clip was added. In the past, Steiff did not necessarily separately catalog customer specials. These finds are exciting, as well as frustrating, to collectors, who always want to know the full story behind unusual Steiff items. It is Steiffgal's best guess that this item was produced for NSNP as a gift for the organization's staff, donors, or volunteers; made as a give-away for a trade show or conference; or was available for purchase directly from NSNP to help support the organization.  NSNP's current logo is here on the left.  It is interesting to note it now features a ladybug... which would also make for a great Steiff customer special pin!

Steiffgal hopes this review of some of these hot lots available at the upcoming Teddy Dorado sale has given you auction fever!  You can view the entire auction catalog by clicking here. 

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