Friday, November 22, 2013

Getting Cosy With Steiff's Delightful And Rare Sleeping Siamese Cat

It's easy to feel sleepy alot of the time around these parts, with the average daily temperature plunging, and the sun going down a little after 4 pm every day!  So the timing seemed more than perfect to welcome the arrival of a new Steiff slumbering friend to Steiffgal's collection.  Take a look at this adorable dozing cat and see what makes her so dreamy - no pun intended - from the both the collector and historical perspectives.

Care to have a snuggle with this Steiff rarity? Here we have the company's unusual and seldom seen Cosy Siamy Katze or Cosy Siamy Cat. She is 17 cm, unjointed, lying down, and made from fuzzy tan dralon that has been highlighted with tan airbrushing on her arms, legs, face, and back. Her face is detailed with a pink hand embroidered nose and mouth, as well as clear monofilament whiskers.  Her muzzle and the back of her ears are made from slightly shorter dralon.  And just how can we be sure that she is sleeping?  Her closed stitched eyes all but insure a perfect night sleep - every night!  As to be expected, Cosy Siamy is exceptionally soft and cuddly.  Sleeping Siamy was produced from 1959 through 1961 in 17 cm only. 

It's like a slumber party when it comes to Steiff's delightful "sleeping style" animals.  The company produced a great number of these designs during the 1950's through the 1970's. These included a Zotty Teddy and panda bear, fox, Cocker Spaniel, tabby cat, seal, poodle, elephant, a Leo, and others. They were all prone in position and referred to as "floppy" or "cosy" animals. Most were made in two standard sizes, 17 and 28 cm; all were stuffed with soft foam. Each animal had sleeping style eyes, meaning that the eyes were designed to appear closed and at peace. All of these delightful bedtime companions were simplified versions of well-known and popular Steiff animal designs of the time.

Cosy Siamy could be considered the cat's meow of Steiff's sleeping animals.  And why is that?  First, sleeping animals were based on current Steiff favorites, yet the original Siamy Siamese cat made her final appearance in the Steiff catalog in 1954 - a full five years before being introduced as a sleeping model.  Second, Cosy Siamy was made for no more than three years, while most of the other models were made for significantly more time - some for decades!  And finally her size.  She was only made in the small size, while most of the other models were produced in the large and small size.  All of these things contribute to her rarity and in turn, interest to collectors. 

Steiffgal hopes this discussion on Cosy Siamy has been as refreshing as a delightful afternoon's nap!

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  1. Hi SteiffGal, I am a children's picture book writer/illustrator working on a non-fiction story where one of the characters owns what I believe is a Steiff squirrel, circa 1918. If you think you can help, where could I email you? I am Thanks!


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