Saturday, June 30, 2012

A Bundle of Steiff Joy For A Bundle of Baby Joy!

Steiff treasures are "truly friends for life", and it is always so heartwarming to hear multi-generational stories that show just that!  Check out this note from a reader who asks about a very special windfall - or shall we say "couch-fall" Teddy bear that came into her life in a most unexpected way.  Meggy writes...

"Dear Steiffgal,

I was browsing the internet to look for similar Steiff bears just like mine.  Just because I was wondering the value of this bear that was given to me from an very nice old man in a secondhand shop where I was looking for some furniture.

The couch I bought had this cute vintage looking bear sitting on it, and he gave me the bear for free with the couch.  From that day on, the bear cheers up my office every day and I didn't gave attention to it, until someone was showing me his knopf-im-ohr!  This is a real Steiff bear for sure, but how old is he? I don't have the intention to sell, but I'm just so curious!

His length is about 50 cm. And his fur is mohair. Unfortunately, the yellow label is ripped off, so you can see yellow fabric but no number.  I really hope you can help me with some information and your knowledge about this amazing bear's history!

Kind regards,

Meggy, let's sit down and discuss what you've got here!  This is Steiff's original Teddy bear which was in production from the very early 1950's through 1966.  Specifically, these bears are five ways jointed and made from Steiff's traditional mohair. They have brown and black pupil eyes and and a simple hand embroidered nose and mouth.  The vast majority of these bears "bear" Steiff's "rsb" or "raised script button"; this button was in the line roughly from 1952 through 1969, and is pictured here on the left.  Overall, this popular and beloved design and pattern was produced in gold, blond, caramel, brown, and white mohair in the 1950 through 1966 time frame in 10, 11, 15, 18, 22, 25, 28, 35, 40, 43, 50, 65, and 75 cm.

Meggy's sweet boy from the photos appears to be caramel and the third largest sized made.  Steiffgal has noticed that this model of bear has become more and more popular and has a theory about that.  She thinks that for many of today's collectors, this particular model was the one that they may have had as children growing up! 

Now for the most bearish question of all, his value. As always, Steiffgal is not  a formal appraiser, and believe that something is worth what someone will pay.  She has not seen the bear firsthand and cannot attest to its condition in terms of its structural integrity, any odors, holes, rips, bear patches, etc. However, given that he is in very good condition, without any of the conditions mentioned here, he may value in the $300-600 range, given his lovely size and dear expression.

Meggy also shared this little "bundle of joy" after learning the background and age of her bear...

Dear Steiffgal,

Thank you so much!!! Now I know his age I love him even more!  We are expecting a baby boy in September, and I think this hairy friend will love to keep an eye on him from a safe height!

Kind regards,

Steiffgal hopes the story of Meggy's double blessing - Steiff and otherwise - will brings you the best of luck as well!
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