Saturday, October 22, 2011

Going For Gold At The Upcoming Teddy Dorado Steiff Auction!

Going once!  Going twice!  Going three times... sold!  Hammers down, auctions can be one of the most exciting ways to build a vintage Steiff collection, as well as learn about interesting and special pieces.  Steiffgal loves auctions and frequently attends them live as well as watches them online, at websites including  One of her favorite auction houses is Teddy Dorado, which offers several vintage Steiff auctions per year.  Their next auction is October 29th in Bonn, Germany, but anyone can participate from anywhere in the world by submitting their bids in advance!  After studying the online catalog, here are Steiffgal's top three favorite items in the auction... and why!

Imagine the Teddy hugs from this big bruin?
Bear with her as Steiffgal gets all warm and fuzzy over this first top pick.  Here we have a simply marvelous 50 cm sitting and 70 cm standing Steiff Teddy bear that dates from around 1912 through 1920.  His article number is 5350.  This gentle giant is five ways jointed, made from blond mohair, and firmly stuffed with excelsior.  His face is detailed with large brown and black glass pupil eyes and a black hand embroidered nose and mouth.  His black claws are also hand embroidered.  He has the delightful proportions of an early Steiff Ted including long narrow limbs, curved wrists, large feet, and a big back hump.  He retains his 8mm long trailing "f" button and a little scrap of his white ear tag.  Overall, this pattern was produced in white, blond, and brown mohair from 1905 through 1933 in 10, 15, 18, 22, 25, 30, 32, 35, 40, 46, 50, 60, 70, and 115 cm.

Why this piece is special... For Steiffgal, this piece could be the "older brother" of her own beloved "Teddy Blum" who was produced in the late 1920's or early 1930's but shares the same look and facial expression.  Family is key, even when it comes to bears!

22 cm Steiff Rooster on wheels from 1916-1929
The next auction highlight really rules the roost.  Here we have Steiff's fine feathered felt rooster on wheels.  This barnyard buddy is 22 cm tall on his own and 25 cm including his carriage.  His body is made from gold, red, and green colored felt, while his tail is a spray of green feathers.  His face is detailed with a red felt comb and wattle and and black glass eyes backed by white felt.  His legs are made from tan felt that is supported by an internal metal frame.  Rooster rides on a black metal carriage which runs on four brown eccentric wooden wheels - meaning that he sways to and fro when pulled along.  Rooster retains his tiny 4mm long trailing "f" button and his original pull cord.  Overall, this roving rooster was produced in 12 and 22 cm from 1916 through 1929. 

What was that?  <3
Why this piece is special... This marvelously preserved example is based on a felt rooster design that debuted in the charter catalog of 1892 and was produced continuously through 1929 - giving it a special and unique history and legacy.  This original felt rooster was produced in 12, 22, 28, and 35 cm; a matching felt hen was also made in the same time frame.  Steiffgal can only imagine the look on her pugs' faces if this sweet mobile rooster rolled past them... absolutely priceless!

Early 1930's Teddy Baby with delightful mohair
Oh baby, Steiffgal could argue that she saved the best for last when it comes to this review of auction highlights.  Here we have a 41 cm standing and 32 cm sitting Teddy Baby from 1930 through 1933.  This beaming baby is five ways jointed, stuffed firmly with excelsior, and made from dark brown mohair that has lighted up over time, giving the appearance of being tipped.  His facial insert and feet are made from blond mohair.  His open mouth is lined in peach colored felt.  Baby's face is detailed with brown and black pupil eyes and a dark brown hand embroidered nose.  His claws are also dark brown and hand embroidered.  Teddy Baby is wearing a red leather collar that sports one long trailing "f" button and ten silver colored studs.  He retains his 8mm long trailing "f" button and a bit of his original red ear tag.  

Teddy Baby has been produced in a number of slightly varying designs over the years.  This particular brown example was made in 9, 12, 13, 15, 20, 22, 25, 30, 35, 38, 40, 45, and 65 cm from 1930 through 1943.  However, all Steiff Teddy Baby bears have three things in common: a distinctive, well defined muzzle; flat, broad, clawed feet made for standing; and sweet, toddler-like features. 

Why this piece is special... Steiffgal has a thing... ok, an obsession, over Teddy babies.   One of the things that makes this design so collectible is that because of its somewhat complicated facial construction, no two ever truly look alike.  So you can simply never have enough of these charming cubs!

Steiffgal hopes this review of her picks for Teddy Dorado's upcoming auction bids your seal of approval.

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  1. Hi,
    I bought a Steiff Bear with blue eyes, on all fours, looks like the muzzle is like the one on the teddy baby bears, but his mouth is close, no tongue. It is about 17 cm. It has a button that looks form the 50's (the cursive is different from todays button) and an old tag with almost nothing on it. I have been looking for information or a picture of him, but nothing. Do you know if Steiff has bears with blue eyes? I can take pictures if you want me to. Thanks so much for your time and help. Sincerely,
    MB :)

  2. Hi, again, it's MB.
    Looking on the internet just found some comments here on you wonderful blog on January 2011 about a Steiff bear with blue eyes. Sorry I didn't read more before asking. Now my question is have you seen a bear on all fours with blue eyes, or do you have any info about him? Thanks again and so sorry for bother you. Have a great holiday!!!! :)


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