Friday, February 12, 2010

Care to Play Duck, Duck, Goose With Steiff?

Do you remember playing duck - duck - goose as a child? It's a fun group game which combines the best of speed, chance, and luck. And speaking of luck, Steiffgal feels especially lucky over these three vintage feathered friends that recently joined her growing Steiff collection. Take a look at these beautiful birds, each with their own special charm and story!


Wake up and take a
look at this Floppy Ente or Floppy duck. She was produced only from 1958 though 1959 in 17 and 28 cm. This sleepy sweetheart is made from white mohair and is very softly stuffed. Her wings are folded back over her body and are joined together with a few stitches. She has lovely pastel green and pink airbrushing highlights on her body and wings. Ente has an orange beak made from thick orange felt and closed "sleeping" eyes. Interestingly, her button is located on the underside of her left wing - as she clearly lacks ears! Perhaps the "frosting on the cake" in this darling duck is her "hair flair": the top of her noggin is detailed with a yellow wool pom-pom, similar in look and feel to the woolie birds and animals from the 1950's.

Like this
Floppy Ente, Steiff produced a great number of “sleeping” style animals during the 1950’s through the 1970’s. These included a Zotty Teddy and panda bear fox, Cocker Spaniel, Siamese cat, tabby cat, seal, and elephant, among others. They were all prone in position and referred to as “floppy” or “cosy” animals. Most were made in two standard sizes, 17 and 28 cm; all were stuffed with soft foam and had closed, heavy lidded eyes.


And speaking of pom
-poms, take a "quack" look at this Woll-Entenkueken or Woolen Duckling. This 4 cm pom-pom pal is made from yellow wool and is specifically noted in the literature to weigh 3 grams. She has a swivel head, black eyes, and a little orange felt beak. Post WWII, she was made from 1949 through 1976. Up to 1958 she was produced with metal legs; from 1969 onward she had plastic legs.

This tiny treasure holds two unique distincti
ons: first, she is the smallest Steiff item in Steiffgal's collection, and secondly, she is one of the tiniest, if not the tiniest, Steiff critter in the Steiff catalog to don a Steiff button! It is interesting to note that Steiff's 4 cm pom-pom hedgehog and 3, 4, and 6 cm pom-pom ladybugs did not come with buttons - probably because there is absolutely nowhere to attach them!

and Goose...!

here is a popular saying, "What's good for the goose is good for the gander." Well, this gorgeous Steiff goose is good for everyone for sure! This 28 cm Gans or goose is standing tall and made from white mohair. Her arms are up and spread as if she were cheering on her flock of goslings. Her wings, rear, and tail feather areas are detailed with black airbrushing. She has piercing cobalt blue pupil eyes which are backed by tan felt. Her feet and open-beak are made from orange felt. She was produced from 1958 through 1964; 12 and 17 cm versions of this Gans were in the line from 1952 through 1974.

And talk about th
e goose that laid the golden egg! A similar 28 cm Steiff goose, but in mint condition with all of her IDs, sold for a whopping 1,300 DM (approximately $700 at the time) at the 2001 Steiff Summer Festival auction in Giengen, Germany! Steiffgal paid a mere fraction of that price, but feel she hit the jackpot nonetheless with this glorious and joyful addition to her Steiff hug.

Steiffgal hopes this review of these unique and collectible web-footed wonders has been, well, wonderful for you!

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