Saturday, June 20, 2009

Wake up and look at this thing that I bring...

Always on the lookout to bring something new and unusual to readers, Steiffgal is delighted to introduce you to this wonderful Steiff version of Bagpuss, a "saggy cloth cat". Probably known more to friends in Europe, this character was the star of a short lived, but highly loved and memorable children's television program of the same name. Take a look here to learn more....

This Steiff Bagpuss was produced as a limited edition for The Danbury Mint in the UK in 2008. Like the original Bagpuss, this floppy Steiff version is about 9 inches tall, unjointed, has big blue eyes, a long tail, and is dramatically striped in almost neon pink. These pink stripes were individually hand stenciled on Bagpuss -- truly a time consuming labor of love! He also has an open mouth and long whiskers (giving him a thoughtful, pensive look...) just like the original Bagpuss. Steiff Bagpuss is made from rich, lush alpaca, which is a special type of wool that feels dense and warm like the coat of a sheep.

The Bagpuss TV series ran on the BBC for only 13 episodes in 1974. The programs were made using stop frame animation, and always included stories based on folktales, simple songs, and wholesome life lessons. Even though the program is now 25 years old, in 1999 the series came in first place in a BBC poll selecting the nation's favorite children's shows; it also came in fourth in a 2001 BBC poll of The 100 Greatest Kid's TV Shows. The original Bagpuss can be viewed at the Rupert Bear Museum in Canterbury, UK.

Bagpuss came Steiffgal's way quite unexpectedly, almost on little cat's feet. But she's so happy to be able to share his story with you!

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  1. I watched Bagpuss with my little son and loved it!

  2. Granny K, thank you so much for your wonderful and ongoing comments, most appreicated. It is delightful to know that people from all over the world are interested in Steiff and care about the brand, products, and legacy as much as I do. Enjoy the day and best, Steiffgal

  3. I was trying to find out how many of these were produced?


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